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It has happened. I’m sitting here with the blinking cursor in my happy little wordpress post box and I cannot come up with anything to write. I remember thinking about some pretty cool stuff on the way into work in the car that would have been interesting to write about, but not what they were. I remember coming across some fun and noteworthy situations this weekend, but not the details. My mind is failing me.

mistypeSpeaking of my mind failing me. I think my brain is having issues lately. The first issue is my typing skills. Usually, they are awesome, fast, on-point, and very precise. Usually, there is hardly a backspace anywhere. But in the past week or so, my typing has been ridiculous, and often unintelligible. Lately, the backspace is my most frequently used key, unless I really slow down and think hard about what I’m typing. Today, instead of typing “that sucks” I typed “Ghag cuck.” WHAT? Even typing this post has got me backspacing like a madwoman. Is my mind going too fast for my fingers? Or are my fingers going too fast for my mind?

brain offlineAnother issue – when I drive in the car, I sing karaoke (quite well, I might add). Lately, I’ve been forgetting the words to songs I’ve sung hundreds (even thousands) of times. I find myself humming the chorus that I’ve repeated a mere 38 seconds ago… Early onset alzheimers? Or do I need a brain clearout?!

Seriously, I think it’s time to start meditating again…

Forget regret – or life is yours to miss

The only one who can make you happy is you.

When we feel like crap we tend to think about what is missing from our life, the things we have done wrong, opportunities we have let go by, regrets we hold on to, and so on. But we often forget…. that the only time that counts is now. Sure, we may have screwed up in the past, but it’s in the past. The only thing we can do is take a lesson from our mistakes and apply those lessons to our present (and future!). Forget Regret!

The only person who can pull you out of the abyss is you. Sure, you could be “inspired” by the weather.. A friend could give you a smile and maybe that’s all the motivation you need. But when it comes down to it – no matter what inspiration or motivation is coming from where-YOU are the one that has to make the choice to be motivated and inspired 🙂

My plan is to begin practicing (among other things) a present state of mind. I cannot change my actions from the past, I can only learn from them. Dwelling on my past or regretting things will not help anything. This energy would best be applied to making an effort to have a fantastic present and future!

And when I see a beautiful landscape, hear a funny joke, get licked by a puppy, or smell the scent of the changing seasons – I will accept that inspiration and use it as FUEL. This fuel is too valuable to let pass by!

So don’t forget – you can choose to be happy 🙂 You can choose to be inspired. You can get past the things you cannot change from your past. The mind is a powerful thing – learning to harness that power takes our whole lives!

I think I tied my mind into a knot

You’re in an unknown office, a new apartment, or someone else’s place. When you walk into a room and flip the light switch, some lights go on. You flip the next switch and the room is lit. There is a third switch. You flip it on, and nothing happens. A few more on-off on-off flicks follow, as you gaze around the room looking to see what lights up or turns on as a result. Even though you know that likely this switch doesn’t work, you still find yourself investigating as to what it could be turning on (or off). You flick the switch a few more times, looking inside the room, and out. Sometimes you go as far as looking from room to room to see if this switch controls something further away.

Likely, the switch is not connected to anything at all. But we still insist on flicking it up and down, expecting something to happen.

This happened to me this morning… and I found myself spending time worrying about the switch, thinking about the wiring, and wondering if it was ever connected to anything in the first place. My mind drifted into a scenario involving the home’s previous owners putting the new switch in… Why did I go to all this mental trouble? Does it really matter?

And when I was leaving the room, I even flipped the switch a few more times and peered around to see what else turned on 😉

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