I’m certainly of the school of thought that everyone is entitled to more than one shot at 15 minutes of fame. Today’s my day, people!!!

My lovely girlfriend was scanning buzzfeed, that delicious little time-waster, as I was working away on my computer. She jumped up and said “Is this you?” and showed me her phone. Lo and behold, there I was in all my glory!

That’s right people, I’m on buzzfeed, the pinnacle of fame-dom! Talk about being up on your social media. I should blog more weird stuff.

I’m not even upset that I’m all the way down at number 18

The lovely people at buzzfeed got this photo from a post from my younger blogging days, when I used to go to Value Village with my favourite lunchtime-at-work shopper Sandra. Alas, those days are over, as I currently work from home, and Sandra has moved on to another job. I’ll have to ravage the thrift stores near home on my lunch breaks and see if I can dominate an ENTIRE buzzfeed post one day!

Oh, to have goals…

Anyhoodle – have a gander at me looking spectacularly awesome in a super cute t-shirt (when I was skinnier and more tanned). And have a fantastical day!

Check Buzzfeed often for more of me 😀